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The LiveJournal Post

This is the post where I apologize that I haven’t blogged in a while. As usual, it’s not because I’ve been terribly busy. I have been busy, but I can usually blog when I am. It’s the normal problem I Have with this blogging: I can’t come up with a consistent schedule of content that […]

Bird By Bird

The toughest part of writing is to keep writing. It’s easy to type merrily away when inspiration strikes. Ideas flow! Characters pop out of one’s forehead, full-formed! The question is, will you write the next bit tomorrow? And more the day after? And again next week? An 80,000-word novel is a Frankenstein’s monster of tiny […]

Making Things Talk

Making Things Talk is intended for a specific audience, but one which I wish were bigger. It’s aimed at folks who want to wire up stuff. Stuff like motion-sensing stuffed animals. A doorbell that chimes every time someone visits your website. Real-world, physical objects. But without all the hassles of soldering. Enter Making Things Talk […]

Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 5

A month into my experiment in spending less! Let’s see what this week totals: Saturday $0.00 Sunday $5.50 Snacks Monday $114.23 Candles, bird seed, plant bulbs, groceries Tuesday $17.42 More groceries, cookies Wednesday $3.47 Milk Thursday $10.07 Dinner Friday $0.00 Total $150.69 To be fair, I was at a wedding last weekend, so I didn’t […]

The New Thing

The idea leapt into my brain and grew rapidly. I’ve no idea, even now, where it came from. I do remember tweeting about it on 27 August. As is usual with ideas, it was a synthesis of several things I’d seen recently and several things I like. I imagined a character like Max in The […]

Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 4

Here’s what I spent on various expenditures this week: Saturday $26.72 Tea, flower bulbs, lunch Sunday $10.00 Lunch Monday $0.00 Tuesday $22.05 Movie ticket, food Wednesday $12.01 Dinner Thursday $46.89 Gas Friday $26.00 Lunch and checking a bag Total $143.67 Excellent! Much less than the previous week, even with the huge gas fill-up on Thursday.

How To Cook

I am a minimalist. This is especially so in the kitchen. I haven’t bought a new pot, pan, or kitchen utensil in 5 years. I just don’t need to. I know the basics. I have a slightly more eclectic approach to cookbooks. I believe in learning how to cook things in general. I don’t follow […]

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