The New Thing


The idea leapt into my brain and grew rapidly.

I’ve no idea, even now, where it came from. I do remember tweeting about it on 27 August.

As is usual with ideas, it was a synthesis of several things I’d seen recently and several things I like. I imagined a character like Max in The Road Warrior–serious, driven, quiet, living in a harsh world. I crossed that with Vampire Hunter D, which I’d read the first few issues of a couple months ago—a serious, incredibly skilled man thrown together with a fiery girl.

Which gave me the idea for a story.

I did what I’ve learned to do as soon as I have an idea: I write it down. In this case, in a text file on my laptop. I have probably two dozen ideas in there now, collected over the course of the past two years (a small number, really, by most writers’ standards…but then, I’ve written little new in the past two years).

As I wrote down the idea, I fleshed out a few of the ideas that begged for detail. The man is a vampire, living in a post-apocalyptic world. The girl is a vampire hunter, initially, though she quickly passes the limits of her abilities, and the vampire protects her.

In other words, it’s a manga. But written. It’s a cross between Mad Max, Vampire Hunter D, and Twilight.

That makes me gag a bit, even just writing it out.

But it’s the best idea I’ve got at the moment, and it’s tugging at me to be written. So I’m writing it.

More to follow, God willing.

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