Quick Review of God of Manga: Osamu Tezuka

Just finished this book, and while it’s probably more appropriate for Otaku, No Video, I wanted to gush about it here.

God of Manga is a book about Osamu Tezuka, a man who basically created both modern manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation). There was a ton of manga before Tezuka; he established that the artform could tell stories appropriate for a wide range of ages. He then took his most popular creation and made a TV animation, Astro Boy, which defined a great deal of the anime’s eventual look-and-feel.

God of Manga is 3 things, really:

  • A biography of Tezuka
  • An analysis of Tezuka’s works, including common themes
  • An overview of the manga field throughout Tezuka’s life

Tons of great insights, particularly involving Tezuka’s “Star System” and repeated gags. The man was an absolute genius, and this is a great testament to his abilities and influence.

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