Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 8


I was on a business trip this week, which took care of most of my meals. Even so, here are the totals:

Saturday $11.84 Snacks
Sunday $0.00
Monday $5.00 Laundry
Tuesday $13.74 Snacks
Wednesday $16.83 Dinner
Thursday $12.39 Snacks
Friday $169.90 lnch, gas, parking at airport
Total $229.70

Quite a few snacks. However, I couldn’t exactly bake a batch of cookies in my hotel room, so I was limited there.

$70 of this week’s expenditure was parking at the airport, which I’ll get back, so really I only spent $159.70. Huzzah!

I definitely think that just keeping track of my expenditures has made me subconsciously spend less.

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