New Floors

"cherry" by erix! on Flickr

"cherry" by erix! on Flickr

This is a completely personal post.

I had new hardwood floors installed this past weekend, covering my entire upstairs and the stairwell.  It was expensive, but my house looks fantastic. Oddly, walking into an office with a cherry hardwood floor (even if it is laminate cherry) just feels right.

It also feels exhausting. I didn’t install any of it, but I had to prepare: moving 4 bookcases worth of books downstairs, as well as various delicate pieces of equipment, models, etc.  All the pictures had to come off the walls, too, and with several dozen framed anime cels, that took a while.  Afterwards, not only did I have to move everything back, a thick layer of sawdust covered all of it, so I had to clean it, as well.

Tired? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Especially after seeing The Karate Kid. That’s one solid film: a strong and quiet story, involving actors, beautiful cinematography (is it just me, or have more films recently featured excellent cinematography?), and a moral philosophy that’s actually reinforced by the events of the film.

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