The Big Adventures of Barry Ween

Barry Ween

© Judd Winick

A recommendation from the three guys at iFanboy means a lot to me. They know how to review and recommend a comic book.

So on a whim, and after a stratospherically high recommendation from Ron, I bought The Big Book of Barry Ween. It’s an independent comic about a boy genius and the adventures he goes on.

Thankfully, hilarity really does ensue.

Cliched set up; hilarious execution. Judd Winick’s writing is consistently funny and his plots move fast, almost too fast for Barry to keep up with.  This is essential for Barry Ween‘s premise; things have to get big for them to pose a challenge to a genius.

More importantly, the patter between Barry and his best friend Jeremy is scatological in the extreme. Normally this turns me off, but this material is so well-written and presented in such a contrast to the boys’ standard suburban life that it works.

The book’s divided into chapters, one for each adventure Barry and Jeremy get into, culminating with a big two-parter that, delightfully, gets serious. No spoilers here; suffice to say that my attention lingered for a long time on the final two pages.

Color me impressed.

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