Screenshot from Swingers

Swingers has heart.

It’s clear that its main strengths lie in its script and its actors. The rest of the film fades away in comparison. Much like, say, The Big Lebowski.

The script contains more memorable lines and sequences than the vast majority of films, and it does so at the expense of a strong, driving story. This is not a complaint; Swingers is about a man caught in an awkward time in his life. It’s about his everyday choices and his everyday life; it’s about the clubs he visits at night, and the girls he walks up to.

Even better, the film has a strong moral core, as is shown by the final scene in the movie. Far from the typical amoral dating movie, Swingers has a few things to say.

You’ll probably recognize almost every cast member, and the film works mostly because of the strength of their performances. Jon Favreau based the script on his experiences with these actual actors, and they inhabit their characters perfectly.

I still remember a lot of the film, even a week later, which is a testament to its script and actors. The rest is, well, typical of a low-budget movie: it’s there to get the job done.

The job got done.

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