Going APE: Guy Kawasaki’s advice for self-publishing


Guy Kawasaki's APE

Guy Kawasaki’s APE

APE is not a book for anyone. This is a book for anyone who wants to self-publish a book in the modern era of electronic publishing and Kindles.

Its author, entrepreneur and investor Guy Kawasaki, writes with a comfortable clarity that must grow out of many years of writing and public speaking. His prose strides straight from point to point, never wandering off-topic except to explore useful side trails (like good books about the actual writing process). Yet it’s never a breathless race to the end; it’s a comfortable stroll with a friend.

Throughout the book’s three sections (Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur; thus the title), Guy remains relentless practical, focusing on the present reality of self-publishing. What are the trade-offs between the Kindle, the Nook, and the iPad? Should you format your book as you write it? What are the most commonly used software tools, and why are they favored?

And more importantly, the book doesn’t stop with publishing. Guy also writes about the promotional side of the writer’s life. How do you publicize your name without becoming a jerk? How can you build a true community of fans?

I found APE so useful that, after reading it for the first time a few months ago, I’m now re-reading it carefully. I want to extract and internalize its lessons. If you ever want to publish a book, you will find practical advice here.

APE costs US$10 for the Kindle and $16.50 in softcover.

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