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Friday, January 29, 1999

In the midst of all that racial strife, the South Africans are still thinking. Welcome the Blaster, an anti-car-theft system that emits a ball of flame on both sides of the vehicle. Pretty good crime deterrent, don’t you think? Would certainly make me think about a career change were I hijacking cars….Sadly, it’s probably illegal in the States. Regarding Papyrus, I had no idea setting up a corporation was so difficult. I really […]

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Ahhh, feels good to be back on schedule with this. Though of course, by saying that, I’ve doomed myself to forgetting for another week or two. Lessee. I’ve been having lots more fun with BeOS, getting more familiar with coding. Well, at least, trying to figure it out. If I ever do, I’m determined to write a Visual Basic variant; the arrangement of all this C++ seems horrendously complex. […]

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

OK, as promised, more today. I actually have some thoughts on UPN, the struggling TV network. First off, I hear that Star Trek: Voyager has stopped sucking this season. I certainly hope this is the case; I always thought Voyager had a good cast and a premise worth looking at. Sadly, they haven’t done much with it. I’d love to see them start making some really kick-butt […]

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Hoo boy. No updates since the 14th?! My sincerest apologies. OK, late-breaking news. I’m going to start editing an SF/F fiction magazine on the web, called Papyrus. There’s not much there yet, but hopefully over the next month or two it should start having regular content. The technical side of things should be ready in a day or two, the business side in a month, and the content during the same time frame. We’ll […]

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Just remembered one of the things I wanted to mention — I caught another episode of the Sci-Fi Channel’s original series Welcome to Paradox on Saturday, and so far I’m rather impressed. They’re actually doing dramatic, one-hour episodes, though they’re having a bit of trouble stretching the content out to one hour (they feel like half-hour eps, hastily converted to one hour). But it is thought-provoking, and the two episodes I’ve seen […]

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Arg…I come across all sorts of interesting stuff and forget to update my diary. And subsequently forget all about the interesting stuff once I *do* remember to update my diary. OK, let’s see if I can remember what I wanted to say. I finally got some anime DVD’s through, in particular Iria: The Zeiram Animation (the actual title is “Iria: Zeiram The Animation”, as a result of direct translation I think) and Tenchi Muyo in Love. “What is […]

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Well, The Prince of Egypt has thus far made more than Star Trek: Insurrection, in less time. It’s also made 85% of what You’ve Got Mail has made in the same amount of time, and as much as Patch Adams with only one more week’s worth of sales. I’m impressed (this according to‘s box office report [since removed]). I spent about two hours last night talking to Eric […]

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Wednesday already. Amazing. I went out to CompUSA last night and bought both Half-Life and a Creative Labs DVD-ROM drive (plus two DVDs, Blade Runner and Contact). As expected for a Creative Labs product, the DVD drive installed flawlessly; my only complaint is very faint noise. I’ll be calling them tonight. DVD is very nice; I can play movies on my computer (full-screen or in a resizable window), or hook it up to a regular […]

Sunday, January 3, 1999

Well, goodness. A lot’s happened, and I haven’t been doing much typing. My neices have been here at the house for over a week now (one’s two and the other’s an infant); we’ve really been enjoying them, though it’ll be nice to have an empty house again in a way. The holidays are over, and I’ve got some great presents. In particular, BeOS came. My review is in a past diary entry; basically BeOS is a new […]

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