Thursday, January 20, 2000


Well, it’s been quite a day!

We’ve already got three inches of snow, and another three are expected. I got to work fine, thanks to my efforts yesterday.

Be‘s announcements (e.g., a free edition of R5) have the Be online community in an uproar. A lot of people are kinda going nuts and making very far-ranging speculations based on very little evidence. Extremely frustrating. I’m half-expecting people to complain about my relative sanity on the whole issue.

Basically, the whole thing is not nearly as bad as it sounds. Be will be releasing two editions of Release 5: A slightly stripped-down free edition that can be installed like a normal application (or on a separate partition, as usual), and the normal R5, which they’re referring to as an “enhanced edition”. Nothing all that horrible.

Meanwhile, my site is growing steadily. I’ll be posting an in-depth game review of Hopkins: FBI today (done by Irfon-Kim Ahmad), along with an interview with Chris Herborth. I’m also working on more programming tutorials, plus a new section of the site devoted to hard-edged comparisons of the BeOS vs. Windows.

Came across this today:

Salon Magazine recently had a contest to determine a motto for Silicon Valley.The winner was:

“Where quality is Job One-Point-One
— Maurice Herlihy

Some Honorable Mentions:

Artificial intelligence — when you just can’t get the real thing
— Nancy Ott
Sleep is for the weak
— Robert Zazueta
I came, I saw, IPO
— Andy Halushka
Public or Perish
— John R. Wodziak
If at first you don’t succeed, go for a second round
— Rex Hill
Where the world comes to pay more for housing
— Dana Spradley
Give me your contract-hired, your poor-before, your not-so-subtle badasses
— Kimberly Green
Spinning sand into gold
— Sue Clark
“It Compiles. Ship It.”
— Doug Sheppard
Lies, damned lies, and market caps
— Alex Strasheim
Silicon Valley: commute, compute, commute
— David Kenney
Come for the overtaxing work environment, stay for the unaffordable housing prices
— Richard Kairis
Silicon Valley: It happened here first, yesterday
— Kyri Sparks
Thank you for holding. Our next available technical support representative will be with you shortly
— Kurt Gray
The other white industry
— Eli Neiburger
God bless the early adopters
— Eli Neiburger
Go public or get out of the way
— Jack Lizmi
Upgrade or perish
— Allan Ross
We don’t just make your computer, we make your computer obsolete!
— Steve Roche
Silicon Valley Population: 110010101000101010010101000001110010101010101011
— Karin Newton

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