Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Not a huge amount happening here, thus the lack of udpates.

We had a huge snowstorm yesterday — true blizzard conditions. The area got about a foot of snow, which I have to admit I liked. We don’t usually get much snow around here.

I am happy to report that the chains and tires that I bought last week have helped me tremendously. I have no problems getting around now, whereas before I worried about any snow at all. Small rear-wheel drive trucks have their disadvantages.

So I stayed home from work yesterday. I did some work on Informant and read a bit of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (an absolutely stunning book about further cases of Sherlock Holmes, during World War I).

It’s nice to get back into the reading spirit. Ever since college, I’ve been out of the habit of reading books. I would rip through novels like a cheetah hunting a gazelle before then, but college presented too many stresses and deadlines to let me actually enjoy a book at a pace shorter than one complete novel per month or two.

I’ve started to look at Focus on BeOS as a site that should be updated daily, and have been following suit for the past week or so. Every day, a little something goes up there, whether a news story or a re-organization of a few pages, or some such. I’ve started organizing interviews with well-known BeOS personalities, which has been a lot of fun. My “Hard Numbers” section isn’t doing so well, mainly because both of the computers that I want to use for the testing are not what you’d call average — one has a pitiful amount of RAM (meaning that my tests won’t be very useful), and the other has an unsupporte video card, resulting in very poor graphics performance. *sigh*

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