Friday, April 21, 2000

And here I was, thinking I was updating this diary often.

I’ve gone on a bit of a streamlining binge. I’m starting to cut a few things out of my life, including maintenance of the FAQ, and Cool SF. Now I’m trying to find a few other things that I can get rid of.

My DVD of Project A-Ko (check out this excellent website for summaries and such, particularly the FAQ and in-jokes) — the anime that’s a spoof of anime — came yesterday, so I took some time to sit down and watch it. As hilarious as I remembered, and it has some truly above-average space combat-ish scenes, too.

I also finally watched the first episode of Macross Plus, the first two episodes of which I bought on DVD awhile ago.


This is incredibly good stuff. Not only is the action/adventure animation literally jaw-dropping, but the drama and character interactions are done well too. It’s perhaps not the greatest anime of all time, but it’s definitely getting high marks from me.

Meanwhile, I had one of my old church friends e-mail me and suggest that all of us church “kids” get together sometime. I e-mailed her back with an enthusiastic assent; hopefully something will come of that.

And the NOVA BUG seems to have slowly slipped away. How annoying.

Oh, thought I’d mention this: In researching about the truly incredible anime series serial experiments lain, I found out that the Cyberia Cafe is a reference to a book called “Cyberia” by Douglas Rushkoff, a non-specific writer (he writes about cyberculture, sexually-transmitted diseases, live-action role-playing, and lots of other stuff, as well as a syndicated monthly column in the New York Times). The entire text of Cyberia is available online, and it makes for a rather interesting read. Evidently, the book explores how computers are changing the development of the human species. And it’s excellently-written, to boot.

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