Monday, May 8, 2000

Two-week gap? What two-week gap? I don’t see…oh.

Seriously, oops. For some reason I totally forgot about this page. Or, when I was remembering it, I didn’t actually bother to upate it (hi, Brennen!).

I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately, for some reason. From Gundam Wing at midnight on Cartoon Network, to Macross Plus on DVD (volumes 1 and 2), to formulating ideas for an anime-style direct-to-video miniseries. (Yes, I know that that latter is just a tad ambitious — it’s just a story. For now.) I’ve even been watching some of the ridiculously over-the-top Dragonball Z, as well as downloading some anime music (I particularly recommend Myung’s Theme from Macross Plus — gorgeous).

The good news is that a friend of mine is putting together a review site, where I, him, and perhaps a couple of other people can toss out in-depth reviews of whatever catches our fancy. The two main strengths of the site will be our emphasis on analytical reviews (not just “This was cool”), and the ability to read multiple reviews of the same work. And I figure I’m always doing mini-reviews of stuff on this diary, so that’ll be a nice outlet for me.

My parents went on a mini-vacation last weekend, which left me alone with the dogs. I can’t report on any major problems; the one big excitement happened on Sunday morning, when we were visited by a new dog in the neighborhood (a Bull Mastiff, I think), and I had to go out and corral (sp?) Molly, our Golden Retriever.

I’ve been spending some time gardening, of late. My side garden is slowly improving; tonight I’ll be putting up two posts which I’ll hang baskets of flowers from, plus planting a few herbs in pots on my deck.

Ran across one hilarious site the other day: Final Cut, a collection of movie reviews that show an amazing lack of basic comprehension. The site’s down at the moment; otherwise I’d paste in a few examples. Whew! A good site just for laughs.

AWANA is ended for the year; we had our awards ceremony on Friday. Now all we have left is a lock-in, where we’ll eat pizza and play dart wars. I’ve already bought my weaponry: A Star Wars bowcaster dart gun, a small Nerf pistol, and a larger Nerf pump-action weapon which I probably won’t use.

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