Friday, July 13, 2001

It’s Friday the Thirteenth. Whoooo.

Well, now I’m tired. After a long and unproductive day at work, I ran for 20 minutes at the gym before coming home, wolfing down two pieces of pizza, and mowing the back lawn. And now I have to clean my part of the house. You can imagine my enthusiasm.

Very little happened today, except that I spent some down-time at work cleaning up UFO Dreams, my NieA_7 shrine. I still need to add all of the content that’s been kindly submitted in the last month or so.

[NieA screenshot]
Screen capture from NieA_7

I’ve been thinking about NieA_7 lately. It’s a special show for me; I have an unreasoning interest in the show and the characters, for no particular reason I can come up with.

But I haven’t been enthusiastic about NieA for several months. Do I still love it? Certainly not with the same ardour I felt a year ago.

I wonder if I liked the show just because it was new and different, and now the gold has lost its lustre. Or perhaps I’m merely going through a period of low interest, and my love of the show will kick back into high gear soon. I certainly hope it’s the latter, though I don’t know why.

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