Monday, August 6, 2001

Some cool anime news:

The latest issue of Weekly Jump (a Japanese anime magazine) reports that a new Rurouni Kenshin OVA is in the works, to be released in December, and it’ll be a continuation of the original OVA. So, we’re gonna get more of Serious Kenshin! I’m betting it’ll delve into the time of Kenshin as Battousai the Man-Slayer, probably setting up one or two of the villains introduced in the TV show.

Bandai has acquired a bunch of those transformable Valkyrie toys that got caught up in legal problems, and will be selling them in Japan this December. AnimeNation has said it’ll do its best to import as many as possible. Which is great, but then every time I’ve tried to buy from AnimeNation, some part of my order’s been backordered.

There’s also a lengthy review on Ain’t It Cool News of the new Metropolis anime film (based on a manga by Osamu “Astro Boy” Tezuka, which was based on the 1922 Fritz Lang film). Moriarty lavishes the film with nothing but praise. Cool.

Meanwhile, I got my Rurouni Kenshin (OVA version) wallscroll yesterday, and after I bought a short length of cord to hang it with, I set it up at work this morning. It looks pretty good, really, though the artwork itself looks a little off.

I also took pictures of various anime cels that I own (using my new camera), and posted them on my cel gallery. Particularly, you can now see the Iria cel I’ve posted on the Miscellaneous Cels gallery, and the cels of Tenchi and Nobuyuki on the Tenchi gallery.

On a completely different topic, while we discussed modern Christian denominational beliefs, Brennen pointed me towards Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, which is “more or less a FAQ file,” to quote Brennen, on the Lutheran faith. It provides a nice, quick overview of Lutheran theology, convenient for those religious flamewars.

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