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Sunday, October 28, 2001

Wow. Got a lot done today. Fixed a bunch of bugs in Landscape. Worked in the garden. Read some more of Bradbury’s latest, From the Dust Returned. Lit about twenty little candles in my garden, each in a little Halloween tin. Dutifully attended church, and AWANA, and Kairos. And now, tired, I go to bed.

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Our little Pilgrim’s Progress book club met for the first time this morning. We re-introduced ourselves and decided to read about 30 pages every two weeks. Seems fair enough. I then went to a nearby bookstore, which was having a big sale. I bought: How to Lose Friends and Irritate People The Other 90% Early Frost, Robert Frost’s first three books Robert Burns: Selected Poems A book on winterizing […]

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Got an e-mail this morning about the download counter Kamidake. Right now, each version of an application has its own download counter, and the sum of all the download counters is displayed at the top of the applications page, as “58 downloads” or whatever. A problem arises when a developer removes an old version, though; a bunch of downloads suddenly disappear from the download counter. However, I don’t want Kamidake to list downloads for files that no longer […]

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Pendragon seems to have recovered. From what I can tell, I had originally put the primary hard drive and CD-ROM onto the second IDE chain, with the secondary hard drive on the primary IDE chain. While BeOS could boot with this configuration, certain operations caused BeOS to act strangely, and this situation deteriorated. I’d wager that Tracker was unwilling to load because it was trying to mount the second […]

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Well, I didn’t write a diary entry yesterday, but that’s for two reasons: One, Pendragon refused to boot yesterday evening. The BeOS Tracker wouldn’t load, no matter how many times I rebooted or re-installed BeOS. I’ll deal with that tonight. Two, I stayed up until 11:00 p.m. talking with my parents. We covered a whole bunch of topics, and had a pleasant time, but I went to bed feeling bone-tired. […]

Sunday, October 21, 2001

I’ve been working through a lot of personal issues lately. This mental wrestling match culminated with a realization on Saturday night that I carry inside me an immense ball of pride. For the past day, I’ve tried to train myself to drop that ball of pride, and it’s been an amazing, purifying experience. I feel clean and real when I stop thinking of myself as so important. I realized that everything I have came from someone. […]

Friday, October 19, 2001

Uploaded a review of Gasaraki disc 1 to Points of View today, which joined the review of Hand Maid May disc 1 that I added a couple of days ago. It feels good to be on a roll like this. I hope to finish a review of the first Nausicaa manga tonight, and maybe get a few more done by the end of the weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

“I also think that the most vulnerable time for any human, is when they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. To be shot then would be awful.” — ~Tink~ on OpenDiary, October 18, 2001 Went to a video store to see if they had Boogiepop Phantom yet. They didn’t, so I skimmed their anime VHS selection for those odd titles that’ll probably never be released on DVD. I found […]

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

“Most people would say that entertainment must be enjoyable outside the purview of critical analysis, and yet entertainment, like everything else, is contingent upon an enormous amount of interdependent theories that together create a logical system which must be adhered to if anything worthwhile is to be produced. “To make it so that a film is enjoyable without overt theorizing, the initial problems of motivation and identification — […]

Monday, October 15, 2001

I can see that I haven’t been updating this diary as I’d like. One reason for this, I think, is my schedule. As Saalon pointed out to me several weeks ago, one major flaw in my schedule is its lack of time dedicated to recharging myself creatively after I get home from work. I need some time every night to just relax, before I try to attack creative work like drawing or writing. […]

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