Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Pendragon seems to have recovered. From what I can tell, I had originally put the primary hard drive and CD-ROM onto the second IDE chain, with the secondary hard drive on the primary IDE chain. While BeOS could boot with this configuration, certain operations caused BeOS to act strangely, and this situation deteriorated. I’d wager that Tracker was unwilling to load because it was trying to mount the second hard drive, which it could no longer manage.

Meanwhile, thanks to Brennen, I got Debian installed on a new computer I’ve cobbled together from old parts, Methuselah. This has the motherboard, processor, and case from Lady with a spare hard drive, and a video card from a 486. Needless to say, the graphics are somewhat slow, but since I’m using it as a text-only Unix box, I don’t mind. I really need to buy a Belkin monitor/keyboard/mouse switcher.

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