Monday, December 24, 2001 — Christmas Eve

It amazes me to report it, but everything went smoothly. I’m trying to fight having a negative attitude about my luck (I find the “With my luck something will go wrong” attitude distasteful), but innumerable events could have conspired against me (see that negative attitude?).

Instead, the wedding came off without a hitch. The service only lasted for about half an hour, and then the reception was in the lobby of the church.

When Karl as ten years old, he came back from a wedding and complained to his parents that weddings never have any real food. They always serve delicate hors d’oeuvres and shrimp and things. He announced that, when he got married, they’d have real food. He wanted Oreos at his wedding.

Sure enough, Subway catered his reception. They had sixty feet of sandwiches, plus chips, sodas, and chocolate milk. Not to mention several plates of Oreo cookies.

After chatting with Karl’s family, we drove home. Traffic was surprisingly light for Christmas Eve, and we made it home as quickly as we’d hoped. I then wrapped a few last-minute gifts for my Mom and put them under the tree, and we headed to bed.

The Tidal Basin lies quiet;
  The tourists have found their way home.
Mr. Jefferson’s standing the midnight watch
  And there’s a star on the Capitol Dome.

It’s Christmas Eve in Washington,
  America’s hometown.
It’s here that freedom lives,
  And peace can stand her ground.

It’s Christmas Eve in Washington;
  Our joyous wish to you
Is for peace, love, and laughter,
  To last the whole year through.

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