Friday, May 23, 2003

If you put a human being in a big white box, over time you will dull his or her mind. I don’t think I need to prove this.

Thus, our brains will atrophy unless we receive physical, visual creative stimulation.

Thus, creating a room specifically intended to stimulate you mentally should stimulate you mentally.

Thus, I’m doing this to my bedroom. I’ve put several colorful posters on the wall, as well as inspirational quotes. Two walls will be covered with colored animation cels. I’ve scattered a few wooden manipulation puzzles around. I have a computer in a corner, which can play classical music at any opportunity.

But I feel like I’m not going far enough. I want an environment that stimualtes my brain every time I enter it.

If you were to create the ultimate brain-stimulating room, what would it be like? Please describe it for me.

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