June 9, 2003

Heh. From this review: “Thank you, Neon Genesis Evangelion, for making “emotionless construct” a popular character type.”

Finally, after several weeks of being ill every Monday, I’m not nauseous today.

Today I have a sore throat.

Seriously, it’s not that bad. I did end up sleeping until noon and missing a meeting with a customer, but it was rescheduled, and I don’t feel absolutely terrible. I will be taking it easy tonight, though.

In other news, I’ve updated the Otherspace Productions website with two animations. I’ve actually made an animation. It’s incredibly crude — a bouncing ball — but that’s okay.

See, before I can make the next Fantasia or Secret of NIMH, I have to start with the basics. I want to progress steadily, methodically proving that I can, indeed, do this or that.

One of the advantages to this is frequent positive feedback. I started with something really simple, and completed it. That feels good. Now I can move on to something slightly more complex, and complete that. It creates fewer opportunities to become discouraged.

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