Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Last night, instead of our normal Monday Group, a few of the regulars went out for sushi at a local restaurant. I had a great time, eating plain octopus and a delicious salad.

Y’know, just six months ago, I would’ve been terrified of this. Let’s run down the list:

  • I was feeling a bit under the weather, thanks to some mild food poisoning.
  • I’d never been to the restaurant before.
  • I didn’t have much time to get there. As it was, I barely had time to get home, sort through my mail, and change.
  • I’d have to hold up a real conversation with other adults.

But I’ve gotten over all that. Part of it’s a realization that none of that really matters. I mean, so I don’t have much time. So what? So maybe I’ll get there a little late. Nobody will die.

We left early, by Monday Group standards: 9:35. I got home with an hour to spare before bedtime, and spent it reading more of E.E. “Doc” Smith’s wonderful Lensman trilogy.

I’ve marvelled at how much of science fiction grew out of Smith’s work, particularly Star Wars. Well, I had confirmation of that when I flipped a page and saw:



Chills ran down my spine.

Now, I don’t know if Lucas snagged that for the title of Star Wars: Episode V. But I wouldn’t be surprised, given Lucas’ professed love for such things.

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