Friday, June 25, 2004

You know a piece of music is good when you can listen to it in a variety of different circumstances, and it fits all of them.

In other news: Otherspace Productions is killing me. When the animators return to my apartment tomorrow (for an extended period of work, no less), I will have had animators there doing one thing or another for four out of six days. It’s fun and exciting to see my dreams materialize on a monitor or a drafting table six feet from my eyes, but I didn’t expect it to require quite this much time.

And it doesn’t even take up much of my time. Mostly, I get to putter around my apartment while the animators frown at the paper or screen. But I haven’t gotten used to this, so my mind stays in Animation Company President mode. I might be able to do a few little chores, but it doesn’t feel right to switch on the PS2 and play some Final Fantasy while these animators struggle with an expression or a camera movement.

Oh, yes. I bought a PlayStation 2 last weekend. I still don’t know quite why. I’ve been thinking about buying a console for awhile now, but couldn’t make myself spend the several hundred dollars. So when I went in to Best Buy to look at their selection of DVDs (they often have a few good films at a steep discount), I never planned to buy a console. But I wandered over to the games, and browsed the different games and systems, and suddenly realized that I was going to walk out of the store holding a console and a few games.

I went with the PlayStation 2 mainly because it’s the primary system for the Final Fantasy games, and seems to have a solid lock on a lot of good games. I’d rather not give Microsoft any more money than I have to, and the GameCube’s selection seemed paltry to my eyes. So, what the heck. I’ll buy a GC if I need to.

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