Thursday, June 3, 2004

Well. Apparently, I now maintain a porn site. The page is safe to view; it just includes links like “lesbian videos” and “free cartoon sex”.

Background: I created a website that lists hardware compatible with the AtheOS operating system. I called it Azaka and registered I then left the community and handed over the reigns on that site to somebody else. The domain name lapsed, and it got bought out by somebody who copy-and-pasted the basic HTML (not the stylesheets that made it look pretty) onto their own server and added links to various porn sites. But they kept my “This site maintained by Brent P. Newhall” notice at the bottom.

I’ve e-mailed the registrar, asking them to take my name off within a week. If they don’t, I’ll try calling them. They included apparently valid information in their registrar information. This could be entertaining.

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