February 16, 2005

‘Twas going to write a long entry explaining why I’m not supporting my local Suncoast movie store, but it’s late and I need sleep. So, here’s some more VR story:

Thomas awoke with a start. He spun, twisting the sheets around him so he could see the lean, dark figure standing on one side of the bed, arms folded. It took him a few seconds to recognize it, then he relaxed.

“Doodlehopper,” he said. “Why’re you…I mean…you….”

She smirked. “No worries,” she said, “I’m back. Bodyguarding, I mean.” Her grin widened. “And this time, we”ve got some help.”

“So, whaddya think?” Doodlehopper asked.

Thomas looked across the bar at the two thugs, who were fingering cups of coffee and trying to look like they weren

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