Saturday, February 12, 2005

Yay! After a very quiet week, things have quickly accelerated.

I slipped home early Friday afternoon so I could pick up my DSL router, as UPS was delivering it and they absolutely require that somebody’s there to pick it up. The little sticker that the delivery person leaves has a series of checkboxes indicating when the delivery person will try again the next day; helpfully, he’d checked both “2:00 to 5:00” and “After 5:00”. So I got home at 1:45, and he arrived at 5:45.

But at least I took advantage of that time home to putter around the house, hanging a framed cel that had been sitting around, filling the distressingly empty bird feeder, and scribbling down notes about garden plans. (The secret to garden success is to always be thinking three to six months ahead.)

When the router finally arrived, I decided to spend just fifteen minutes trying to get it set up, knowing that it would take a long time and a lot of wrestling. To my delight, I was online within five minutes. I hooked it up to my Airport Extreme and was online with a wireless internet connection five minutes after that. Wow. Smooth as butter.

I then went to Redemption, where I had a fine time. A friend of mine is in town for about a month, and he was there. Since I’d invited him to Guy’s Night Out on Saturday, and he was basically home alone, he made the excellent suggestion of grabbing a ride with me back to my home, and spending the night. Fabulous! So we did, then spent the next four hours watching anime (Mighty Space Miners and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex). So now it’s either very late or very early, depending on your perspective, and I’m very very happy.

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