Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well, I re-installed OS X on my new laptop, and it does seem to be working smoothly thus far. I’m generally pleased with it. Moreover, it’s been an excellent test of my backup procedures. I wiped the hard drive and was back up pretty much like before within a few hours.

[Zeta Gundam screenshot]

Otherwise, I’ve been watching more Zeta Gundam, which has officially reached the point where I’m disappointed when I have to stop watching it. The plot has begun moving in interesting directions, and for once a Gundam series is spreading significant deaths throughout the series. The show is also beautifully animated. It was made in 1985, three years after the release of Macross, and the influence is clear. The mechs are animated in a more flashy, exciting way, as is appropriate for a combat action show.

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