Thursday, April 28, 2005

My goodness, I’m tired.

This is caused partly by my mad dashes around the house, clearing out the other bedroom. Why? I have a renter, finally. A friend from work will be moving in. Um, tomorrow. As of this morning, there were still several boxes, bags, and assorted miscellaney cluttering up the room.

So I got all that out, and finally cleaned out the kitchen sink. Oh, shoot; I just remembered that I had a bunch of clothes hanging in that closet; hold on while I retrieve them….

…back. My bedroom now hosts a pile of clothing slightly smaller than Everest. Much of it will go to goodwill, I think; I really don’t need twenty long-sleeved shirts. I also forgot how much mold some of my jackets accumulated; I’ve been meaning to dry-clean them for the past, oh, six months or so.

Still, I feel good that I’m finally getting a renter. That extra $700 (USD) a month will finally give me the room in my pocketbook to buy a few goodies for the townhouse. I’ve been stretched thin since I moved here (which I knew I would be, without a renter), so I’m looking forward to the easier financial burden over the coming months.

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