Tuesday, May 17, 2005

As is typical, I haven’t been posting here much mainly because little of note has happened in my life lately. I tend to post more when I’m extremely busy.

Saturday was a bit of a downer—my allergies flared up, and while the Otherspace meeting went well, I felt unpleasant throughout it. I then went to Redemption, which was a lot of fun, though I was rather tired for that too.

But I started role-playing with a few friends at the tail end of the Redemption meeting. I’m running a game set in a Cowboy Bebop-like world, in which the players are working their way up through the mafia. I’m a scared and excited GM, as I have miniscule experience with tabletop RPGs at all (I only attended half a dozen sessions of one game that never went anywhere), but the other participants have no experience at all, so I’m the natural choice. Everyone seems to be having fun, though.

I spent all day Sunday at home, tearing through minor chores (house cleaning, etc.). Experienced the unique frustration of returning a phone call only to realize that I didn’t have the appropriate person’s phone number stored anywhere (Brennen, in this case). All these storage devices and not one of them “caught” that phone number.

Today was extremely quiet at work, which was a nice break. I should get much more work for the rest of the week, and I’m looking forward to that. I don’t like being bored, especially when I’m being paid to do something.

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