Thursday, June 30, 2005

Watched recently:

  • The last half of Paranoia Agent, a psychological thriller anime series. Absolutely brilliant. Human, thought-provoking, dramatic, funny at times. Wow.
  • Wheels on Meals, a Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung/Yuen Baio film. A great, classic Chan film.
  • More of Gundam Seed Destiny, which has gone from fun fanfic to powerful drama in the space of four episodes. I just finished episode eight, in which the world tilts towards war (again). I’m enjoying it, even with the dark, foreboding atmosphere. I suspect a lot of characters will die by the end.
  • 1988 anime adaptation of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Lots of bad 80’s music, minimal animation, and a turgid adaptation of the story, but the voice acting is excellent and the action definitely has some stirring moments. Ironically, while the Hollywood movie adaptation got the bugs perfectly but lost the powered armor, the anime represents the powered armor perfectly but screwed up the bugs. In the anime, the bugs are purple tentacle monsters that squeal like tires on wet pavement and spit weird plasma charges. Still, it was enjoyable.

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