Friday, July 29, 2005

It’s late, and I’m tired. So, very briefly:

  • Lunch with my Mom today at a Chinese restaurant very near my work. Much fun.
  • A productive day at work, if boring.
  • Wrote a bit more of the VR story. Posted some.
  • At a friend’s excellent suggestion, organized an impromptu Guy’s Night Out for tomorrow night. Can’t wait.

Tomorrow should be interesting, as I have a phone call with Saalon, an Otherspace meeting, plus GNO. Plus a few regular chores, such as backups. I’m looking forward to this; it’s just going to make for a busy day.

Speaking of backups, tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month, so I’ll be backing up the server, and burning backups to DVD. So, tomorrow will be even busier than usual.

Again, I really am looking forward to tomorrow; there are far, far worse fates than spending a day talking with friends, directing an animation team, and watching cheesy movies with other friends.

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