Monday, July 18, 2005

Tonight, I met my Dad at McDonald’s, then hopped on a bus which took us to the fabulous D.C. subway system, which whisked us downtown to D.C., where we joined the crowds of teeming, streaming humanity entering RFK stadium for a Washingtion Nationals baseball game.

I have been to a baseball game in over ten years, so I obviously haven’t been to a Nationals game yet. I had a great time. The seats were big, we had a good view of the action (past third base, but only a few rows from the field). My Dad was great company, as usual. He provided lots of information from his encyclopedic knowledge of baseball, while I joked a bit and offered a few obvious insights: “That was a bad play.” “He keeps pitching ’em in the dirt!”

There were some detractions: The food was expensive (a beer cost $8, and no, I didn’t buy any; I stuck to $4 cups of lemonade and $4.50 small hot dogs). A mother in front of us kept standing up to hand drinks to her kids or talk to the person behind her, blocking our view. Plus, a few nearby fans had had a few too many $8 beers. But these were all minor. I’d like to go again this year.

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