Thursday, August 4, 2005

Hot. Hot, hot, hot. I went out for a walk today at lunch, and it was like stepping into a pizza oven. Fine day otherwise, though; clear and sunny. And hot.

Spent most of the day preparing for Saalon‘s arrival on Friday. Then he called and told me he couldn’t stay on Sunday, so I’ll have at least that day to get chores done. Perhaps I didn’t need to rush as much, then, though everything I’ve done needed to get done (house cleaning, for example…I don’t want Saalon to walk into the house and immediately start sneezing, or tripping over large packages).

I did order some cool merchandise for Summer Storm: business cards from 48 Hour Print, and thirty t-shirts from They should all arrive in time for Otakon in two weeks (two weeks!).

And man, if you ever want t-shirts…okay. CustomInk has a beautifully designed website that includes a nifty little Java app that lets you pick a shirt design, upload your artwork, and position it on the shirt, so you know what it’ll look like. I did so, and sent off my order. Half an hour later, I got an honest-to-goodness phone call from a guy at CustomInk, who asked if it was okay to tweak the artwork so that it would show up better on the shirt (the artwork is a bit sketchy), and if they could fix the bottom of the picture, which had been cut off. I said that that would be great. He replied that he’d do that, and that I should see an e-mailed proof in about an hour.

Sure enough, just over an hour later, the proof appeared in my inbox. I approved it thinking, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this level of service from a web merchant ever. Better, the price is excellent: about $6 per shirt for thirty, and of course the cost decreases as you order more.

If you want t-shirts, I can’t recommend CustomInk highly enough.

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