Friday, September 9, 2005

Wow. Summer continues to impress with warm beauty every day. Fabulous.

Meanwhile, quite a bit’s been hapenning. I’ve been hunting around for a renter on Craig’s List, and got a phone call on Thursday from a woman, asking if she could look at the place. She seemed reasonable enough, so she arranged to come over that evening. Turned out to be a very nice woman who liked the place, and wanted to move in. So I accepted. She’s moving in around October 1st.

So, renter problem solved. That was easy.

Then today, we had several fairly major crises at work, and I had to smooth some rumpled feathers of people who seem to think that CM should be all-knowing and prepared for every possible situation. That was frustrating, but at least it was over quickly; I don’t have any major problems hanging over my head.

Except I do; the customer’s coming in a week and a half from now for a big meeting, and I’ll be chairing the meeting. For the first time. Gulp. I know roughly what I need to do—describe our agenda, write down Action Items as they come in, then re-iterate the Action Items at the end—but it’s still a strange and amorphous duty that honestly freaks me out.

But it’s not all bad, by any stretch. Just stressful. Which may be what’s driving me to come home and run for 45 minutes practically every night. Honestly, it shocks me that I enjoy it so much. Exercise should be hard.

Anyvay, apologies for the rambling of this entry; it’s late and I’m tired and I want to get to bed. So I will.

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