Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well. It’s been quite a week.

I had intended to spend last Sunday wandering through the museums in D.C. I suffer from a common affliction: the native who never actually visits the local famous landmarks.

But when my eyes opened Sunday morning, I realized that it was September 11th, and I did not want to go into D.C. on the anniversary of 9/11 if I didn’t have to.

So I stayed home and worked my way through various chores and responsibilities. I even went on an hour-long run around town. As I huffed and puffed down the street, I came upon a park trail, which I took down a beautiful tree-covered path, under an overpass, along a rocky stream that chuckled at me as I ran. Heaven.

On Tuesday, I left work early for an appointment with a local company that rents out office space. The company’s offices were quite nice, but she didn’t have the sort of space I need (collaborative space for eight to ten people). But when she took my card and remarked at how cool it looks, she asked more about Otherspace, and she ended up grilling me for fifteen minutes about how I started it up, what we plan to do, how we’re getting by, etc. She was tickled pink at our whole venture, and she confided that she knows nothing about animation. When I left, I encouraged her to stop by our website to see our artwork, and she replied, “Are you kidding? I’m going right back to my desk to do just that!”

So. That made me feel pretty good. I’ve read that a good litmus test of your idea is how excited it makes other people. Well then, I guess we’re a guaranteed success.

(No, I don’t really think that.)

Anyvay. Thursday night, I took my parents out to dinner for their birthdays, and showed them My Neigbhors The Yamadas. They loved it. I loved it. I love them. ‘Twas all good.

Then Friday night I and my parents went to the Kennedy Center to see the Lily Cai Dance Company. They presented three dances: a traditional Chinese dance, a modern dance set to the music of Mahler, and a Chinese ribbon dance. All three were breathtaking: beautiful, sensuous, captivating. Each girl had complete control over her body, curving it into beautiful shapes.

And now it’s Saturday. Shortly after waking, I emptied my inbox, watered the pots in my back garden, posted more VR story, then drove to a nearby farmer’s market where I bought two peppers and three apples. Mundane, you may well think. But I brought them home and washed them, and bit in to one of the apples. It was like a dessert. Sweet as a candy bar, full of complex flavor, and perfectly crisp. Every bite snapped. This is the benefit of locally grown, organic produce: amazing food. (And cheap! $3.80 total.)

In half an hour, I’ll head out to this week’s Otherspace meeting, which promises to be a short one. Then back here, where I plan to do laundry, clean house, run, check my financial account balances, pay bills, buy a couple books online, clean up my to-do lists, do my backups, and mow the front lawn. For a start.

Looks like it’ll be quite a day to cap off quite a week.

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