I will not wait

I just got off the phone with Saalon, with whom I talked for, um, three and a half hours. We talked about anime and the nature of work for about half an hour, then I dropped a bit of a bombshell:

I think I’m going to go to Atlanta and pitch some animation ideas to Cartoon Network.

I have a startup animation company. They take pitches from people with a lot less than that. I gather that producing a short animation would be good, but I don’t need it to get in the door.

So why not just walk through the door?

So I asked Saalon to write me a treatment for an idea he’s been champing at the bit to do: a fifty-episode Gundam-like series. Giant robots. War in space. Some teenage angst. We won’t duplicate Gundam, not will we make an homage. We (or rather, he) will be taking everything that we think Gundam does well, subtract everything we think it does poorly, and adding in our own tastes and interests and feelings.

Meanwhile, I’m going to work up some treatments for some other shows I can pitch to the network. I want to pitch a “World War II in space” show, complete with Big Band music and hot shot pilots. I want to pitch an animation variety show. I want to pitch some amazing animation aimed at girls, for a change (why does the largest gender demographic get so few good cartoons?).

Because I’m not going to wait. Well, except that I’ll wait for concept art. But after that, I won’t wait.

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