Me And My Contacts

Just returned from a wedding, in which the groom is a friend that grew up next door to me. We played practically every day, then drifted apart. A story as common as grass. And now he’s married.

That was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride. I’m a bit jealous, honestly; his bride looks terrific, in all the best ways: fun, vivacious, smart, pretty, thoughtful. I have nothing. I’ve never even had a girlfriend.

But I looked at the two of them and realized that the groom could have taught me a few things about getting a girl. He searched for a long, long time. If I had nurtured that friendship, kept up with that connection, I would at least known more than I know now.

Tom Peters writes, “YOU = YOUR CONTACTS.” More accurately, the better your contacts (and your connections with those contacts), the better you are. Very true, in the working world as well as the personal world (and, of course, business is personal). I need to invite a few more people over for lunch or dinner.

Starting with this friend, perhaps.

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