Bad And Good

It almost got me! Almost. Resistance came this close to derailing me today.

It started yesterday, as I realized that I need to completely rewrite chapter one of my young adult novel, Giant Armors, within the next day or two if I want to get it to my writer’s group in time for them to review it by our next meeting. So I knew I’d have to get some writing done at lunch today.

So this morning I slept through my alarm. I sent an apologetic e-mail in to work, then went out to my truck to discover a $100 ticket because I don’t have a city decal. Great. I got in to work to discover a surprisingly unpleasant e-mail from a customer. Looking back, I think it wasn’t directed at me, but it was still a shock. And, while the symptoms of my illness are gone, I still don’t have all my energy back.

I was feeling despair. I didn’t want to do anything. And I realized that Resistance almost had me. It was keeping me from my novel. It was using these events as roadblocks to finishing that chapter. And it almost had me.

My back straightened. At lunch, I sat down and re-wrote the first four hundred words of chapter one of Giant Armors.

It’s been a bad day. And it’s been a very good day.

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