So, after recovering from my illness, I had some trouble getting to sleep, and as a result I’ve felt tired for the past couple of days. Which means that I haven’t gotten much done. Which I guess is further proof of Brennen‘s maxim that I quoted a few days ago, “You can’t get away from the physical world.”

Another example: A couple of the comments made on this blog recently hurt me. As in, they made me feel a bit depressed for the past two days. Why?

As much as food, water, and air, humans need community. Not necessarily a thrumming metropolis, but just as surely as an urbanite has her bars or gym, a geek will have his IRC channels and D&D group. We’re wired for it.

So, those comments represented a break in my community, albeit a temporary break. A subtle (or not-so-subtle) rejection. And that break hit my nerve-level need for community.

It’s all better now. But that’s a good reminder. You can’t get away from the physical world.


Brennen I think there is maybe an unspoken etiquette to this kind of forum (as much as it is a forum) which the comments you’re referring to violate one way or the other. Anonymous statements to the effect of “you are whiny and lazy look at me I am much cooler than you and better equipped to deal with life” never feel great. I wouldn’t sweat it much.
Shadrone With the comments open to the whole net to write, you will get that sort of thing. But, I wouldn’t put any weight behind a comment that isn’t worth signing ones name to. If Mr. Perfect had a blog, someone, somewhere would post anon “j00 sux0r” to it. BTW, I use the screen anon on LJ just to deal with such people. Anything valid I’ll unscreen, but there are just some plain trolls out there.
Gret I agree with both comments, and the post.
Stephen So is it good, or bad that I don’t have such a commentary problem on my livejournal? Woo…hoo? :-)

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