If you knew there was a 30% chance you’ll die in your sleep tonight, what might you do differently today?

Okay, why not do it?

From the beginning of the year to the end, day and night, morning and evening, in action and repose, in speech and in silence, the warrior must keep death constantly before him and have ever in mind that the one death [which he has to give] should not be suffered in vain. In other words [he must have perfect control over his own death] just as if he were holding an intemperate steed in rein. Only he who truly keeps death in mind this way can understand what is meant by [Yamaga Sokou’s maxim of] “preparedness.”

— Yoshida Shouin, On Leadership


Stephen I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’m very happy with my life just as it is. It’s *all* fun! :-)
Anonymous I think I would avoid going to sleep ;-)
Animom Possibly stay up and watch the sun rise. It would unsettle me, but of course, none of us have the promise of the next 24 hours. I’d definitely pray and be sure that all was well between me and my maker. Then I’d go to sleep.
Nik Hmmmm probably carry on and talk to doctors or scientists asking for a “cure” or drug which would lower that percentage.

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