22 Aug 07

If you were to parody Web 2.0, you could hardly do better than eSwarm.

(If you’re not familiar with the term, “Web 2.0” was coined recently to describe the next generation of websites, characterized by community-driven content that uses the web as a platform instead of a destination in itself.)

I have nothing against Web 2.0 itself; it’s a useful descriptor for a real trend. But it’s been rapidly appropriated by all sorts of sites, and stretched so thin it often doesn’t even resemble its original shape. Or it’s just horribly misused.

So, I submit, with eSwarm. It appears to offer itself as a central point at which consumers can ask suppliers for stuff. Consumers go on the website and create “swarms,” which are basically requests for particular goods at a particular price. Sellers and/or suppliers will then connect with the swarm and offer the goods at a particular price.

Which means that suppliers have to be persuaded to register with this site so they can to supply a handful of anonymous internet customers. And it’s all centralized on the eSwarm website. And eSwarm deducts a transaction fee.

Hey, maybe it’ll be the next eBay. But doesn’t this look like an idea in search of an audience?

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