4 Aug 07

Saturday. My Media Fast is finished, so I spent much of the day catching up on anime: Mushi-shi, Pani Poni Dash, Infinite Ryvius, and Gundam Seed Destiny.

They were all excellent, in different ways. Mushi-shi is a set of Twilight Zone-style dramatic episodes, but with positive endings. Pani Poni Dash is a spastic, fast-paced comedy that manages to retain its speed and entertainment value throughout. Infinite Ryvius was tough to watch, because it was so dramatic that I didn’t want to see bad things happen to the characters, but to my relief I was completely satisfied by the ending. And Gundam Seed Destiny I’m rewatching so I can loan it to friends. And it’s just so good (except when it’s not, which is rare).

Then, after making a batch of cookies, I was off to meet a friend and watch Harry Potter. But the theater changed their showtimes, so we saw The Simpsons Movie instead, and it was utterly entertaining throughout. A solid flick. I was gratified to see that the theater was completely full. The film deserves it.

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