Increase Web Page Font Size Using a Custom Stylesheet

Warning! Extreme geekiness ahead, but at least it’s extremely useful geekiness.

Are you annoyed with the text size on certain websites? Would you like to increase the text size on just those sites? Do you use the Firefox web browser?

If you’re using Firefox, find the “chrome” directory in your preferences (location varies by operating system). Create a file named userContent.css in the chrome directory, and add this to it:

@-moz-document domain(


body { font-size: 16pt; }


Replace “” with the address of the site you want to affect. Then restart Firefox. You can add more entries like the one above for other websites.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, unfortunately, I don’t know of a way of changing the default font size for one website. You can change it for all websites, though.

Use Notepad to create a text file named userContent.css somewhere on your computer, and add the following to it:

body { font-size: 16pt; }

Then, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options, then select General, then Accessibility. Select the “Ignore colors”, “Ignore font styles”, and “Ignore font sizes” checkboxes. Under User Style Sheet, select “Format documents using my style sheet”, click Browse, and navigate to userContent.css and select it.

Some websites lock their content down, so this trick won’t work on every website. To get it working on specific websites, you’d need to look at their CSS (View > Source) and see which visual elements are used on the webpage.

But this should work on many websites. If it doesn’t work on your favorite website, let me know and I should be able to find the offending CSS and offer a specific modification.

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