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How to Become More Aware Of Time

This past week, I’ve been thinking about time. More precisely: awareness of time. Do I know how long I’ve been working on an email? Drinking my afternoon tea? Reading this book in bed? It’s struck me that this is a key to productivity. If I was more aware of time as it goes by, I […]

Standards For Published Adventures

Before I published War in the Deep, I wanted to be sure I was publishing a good-looking, professional adventure. So I bought a few. D&D adventures are of startlingly high quality, even those made by individuals. Of course, the official, published, $30 adventures look fantastic, though I knew I wouldn’t achieve that level of quality […]

What Is Glogster?

A lot of educational folks who “get” the new web (Web 2.0, social networking, etc.) are excited about Glogster. Despite the annoying name, it’s a neat site: it lets you quickly and easily create a poster as a web page. Essentially. So when you go to Glogster, you get a blank page, and a simple […]

How I Introduce Myself To New RPG Players

New players are a fact of life for GMs. They may have never played a tabletop RPG before, or only using vastly different systems. How do you introduce yourself? How do you lay the ground rules? I’m still figuring it out, but I do have a few things I make sure to go through. I […]

So What Is A Commitment, Really?

A recent post on the GTD forums started me thinking about commitments. We all have many ongoing projects. But what does “ongoing” really mean? Have we really committed to them? Or did we just put them on a list to remind us to get them done eventually? I’m realizing that a lot of my own […]

How To Make Any Loaf of Bread In a Bread Machine

As part of my constant quest to learn cool, new things, I bought myself a bread machine several years ago. How’d I afford it, you ask? Easy: I bought it at Salvation Army for $20. Got a few weird looks from the cashier, who asked if I’d ever use it, but that’s fine. Problem: No […]

How To Invent a Role-Playing Adventure, Part 2

When last we left our adventurers, they were swimming north in hot pursuit of Princess Teela, who adamantly refused to return to her parents until she’d wrought vengeance on the sahuagin for their invasion of her country. Endings are crucial. I can forgive a rocky beginning, and I can push through a dull middle, but […]

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Improving Yourself

I write a lot about self-improvement, and the importance thereof. So, what do you do when you just have no energy for self-improvement? When you just don’t feel like improving? Take a break. Really. Stop working at it for a while. Watch some movies, read a few books, and just relax. Don’t rest forever, of […]

How To Invent a Role-Playing Adventure, Part 1

I’ve been working on a D&D adventure, War in the Deep. It’s an underwater adventure in which the players are transported to an undersea kingdom, where they have to rescue a princess consumed with bloodlust. (Which, incidentally, you can buy at DriveThruRPG for $5!) Anyway, here’s how I designed it: I started with the reason […]

Personal, Take 2

I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog this week, due to the new job. Fortunately, it’s calming down this week, so I think I’ll be able to get back into a more normal blog routine next week. It’s weird, how much mental energy is required when starting a new job. I’m not […]

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