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Why You Should Watch Mobile Suit Gundam

Why You Should Watch Mobile Suit Gundam

This is intended to be the first of a multi-part series where I write about each major animated work in the Gundam universe. I want people to know what each of these shows has to offer. About spoilers: I won’t tell you who dies, but this is a review of a 30-year-old show, for Pete’s sake. Anything I write about here has long since been analyzed frame-by-frame on 2ch. Mobile Suit Gundam, of course, […]



A few weeks ago, my role-playing group tried to add a virtual player. Wait. Back up. One of our regular players went off to college. Worse, she’s one of the best role-players in the group. I pined for her. For those of you unfamiliar with tabletop role-playing: A bunch of friends sit around a table. One of them lays out a situation, while the others pretend to be people in that situation, and narrate their reactions to the situation. So, […]

Just A Geek Speaking at PAX

Wil Wheaton is an awesome person, and a great writer (I’m reading his latest book, Just a Geek, and am thoroughly sucked in. And it’s an autobiography). I heard last year that he gave the keynote speech at the Penny Arcade Expo (a.k.a. PAX). All I could find was an audio recording. I sat, dumbfounded, listening to it all, laughing at all the right moments. The speech was human, and emotional, and actually made important […]

Mixing It Up

You may have noticed a completely new homepage here. I’ve decided to make the homepage more of a central launching pad for my online content. This will undoubtedly change more over time (I’m already thinking of adding a Flickr stream). The main advantage is that this new design will let you see more of what […]

Tracking web traffic with Google Analytics

So, let’s say you have a website. That means you’re broadcasting information to the world, and presumably other people consume that information. How do you know what people like about your content? How do you know what’s popular? Some web hosting companies will provide a few pages of hit tracking. Setting up your own hit tracker and integrating it onto your site […]

Eulogizing Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive

There are a number of blog posts and articles about essential business books. “Ten books everyone entering the working world should read,” and such. I only have two. One, Getting Things Done, I’ve already talked about quite a bit here. Just about everyone needs some way to organize their work. GTD does a great job […]

What is the City of Talon?

In the real world, The City of Talon is a role-playing setting. It’s a 107-page PDF that describes a fantasy world, including physical locations within the city, well-known residents, the history of the city, etc. It can be used in pretty much any pseudo-medieval fantasy RPG, and is also a great inspiration for authors; Talon […]

A Japanese Noir French New Wave Black-and-White Yakuza Film

So imagine a Japanese film, set in the 1960’s, involving a down-and-out Japanese private investigator named Maiku Hamma (“My real name,” he says), who takes a missing-person case and winds up in the middle of a yakuza/triad turf war. He drives a convertible, wears a samurai-style jacket, and has an shoebox-sized office over a movie […]

The Kindle and Reading Late Into The Night

This is one of the insidious dangers of owning an Amazon Kindle: I stumbled upon yet another book, and read half of it without realizing. The Kindle’s ability to download a free sample chapter of almost any book in its library is akin to a free sample of anything in a restaurant. I can easily […]

Gunwave Reborn

I really need to get to bed right now, but I just couldn’t help sharing this. I’ve just released a serious upgrade to my mecha anime-inspired tabletop RPG system, Gunwave. It’s a fast, fun, exciting game that lets you play angsty teens during an epic space war. And it’s all free. Check out the PDFs […]

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