Can’t Get Technoooo Satis-fack-shuuuuun

"Dicken's Village at Night" by kevindooley on Flickr

"Dicken's Village at Night" by kevindooley on Flickr

I’ve been dissatisfied with my blog for weeks now.

During one of my long IM conversations (does anyone else have IM conversations any more?) with Saalon a couple weeks ago, I complained that blogs assume uniformity of content. That each entry will need to be formatted the same way.

I also dislike the constant draw of a blog, the siren song that says, “You should be posting every day.” That’s probably just an outcome of by my addiction to the internet.

(I don’t think I’m literally addicted to the internet, but I do spend hours of my time on the ‘net every day, which troubles me when I stop to think about it.)

In any event, my uniformity argument is complete hogwash. (By the way, what is hogwash?) It’s nearly trivial to re-format different blog posts for different needs, to give a recipe a brown background with white text set in Bookman Old Style.

What I really was rebelling against was a completely linear blog, a simple chronological list of entries (plus categories, but that’s a vestigial organizational organ). As clean and simple as that structure is, my many, varied brain dumps need more than one axis of organization.

This implies an interface, and aye, there’s the rub. For a couple of weeks I’ve hacked away at a completely different, monthly blog with extremely tight, specialized design unique to each article. Unfortunately, that turned out to be an insurmountable amount of work, especially if I wanted to integrate comments and RSS.

So. If I want to organize my posts and display them the way I want to, I’ll need a highly customized WordPress theme. Which I’ll build myself, since I don’t want to spend money on something I can learn to do.

So, I’ll be changing this website as I learn. Hopefully, it’ll be able to handle a wider variety of content, in a way that is appropriate to each type of content.

Why am I going through all this effort? Because I want a really cool website.

I don’t suppose there needs to be a better reason, does there?

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