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The Red of Red Ax. Drawn by H. Davidson.

A story about sex?

Reminder: You can get issue #1 of Red Ax for only $2.99 at DriveThruComics. I call Red Ax a story about “sex, ownership, and the lies we tell ourselves.” That’s a mature, adult claim. I make it partly to shake readers up; I want people to think this is not another fluffy action story. I […]

Rec Ax, page 2 detail

The Story of Red Ax is now being told

As I mentioned in previous articles, I’ve written a comic. A fabulous artist, H. Davidson, drew the first issue. Now you can download issue 1, free today only. It’s 25 pages of black-and-white art, plus a full-color cover. This issue introduces the characters, sets up the story, and demonstrates my writing style and H’s amazing artistic skills. This will let you know if you’ll like the rest of the story. Now, […]

Red Ax, page 1 detail

Red Ax: Who Are Your Characters?

This is part of an article series I’m writing about my upcoming comic book, Red Ax. Writing has always been an act of discovery for me. I devise a scenario, populate it with characters, and add layers of plot and complication. The characters begin as cocktail party acquaintances. I can slot them into big buckets: the strong and silent type, the quiet and broken type, the brash and greedy type. As I write, they become friends. I learn why […]

Launching a Comic: Red Ax

Launching a Comic: Red Ax

Many years ago, I had an idea for a comic book, and the idea stuck. It grabbed onto a corner of my mind, whispering ideas, until finally I wrote it down. Within a few days, I’d written a comic book script good for 13double-sidedpages. It’s weird. It whispered a story about anthromorphic cats in a quasi-medieval, quasi-Arabian, quasi-Asianworld, focusing on a mutesword-for-hireand a slave. It needed an artist. I didn’t have the skills. Now what? Fortune favored me. Through […]

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