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A story about sex?

Oct 17 2012 Published by under Red Ax

The Red of Red Ax

The Red of Red Ax. Drawn by H. Davidson.

Reminder: You can get issue #1 of Red Ax for only $2.99 at DriveThruComics.

I call Red Ax a story about “sex, ownership, and the lies we tell ourselves.” That’s a mature, adult claim. I make it partly to shake readers up; I want people to think this is not another fluffy action story. I also make this claim partly to encourage readers to take this story seriously.

However, Red Ax isn’t an “M for Mature” title. I intend to write a PG-13 story. Well, maybe a “hard” PG-13.

Red Ax is about sexual behaviors. It’s about a girl who thinks of herself as a sexual object, as having worth primarily through her sexual skills. And it’s about the trap of those beliefs.

Really, it’s about two characters who define themselves through their skills. Sexuality is one of the vessels that this story uses to explore it, and the story doesn’t need explicit sex scenes to do so.

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The Story of Red Ax is now being told

Oct 15 2012 Published by under Red Ax

Rec Ax, page 2 detail

Red Ax, page 2 detail

As I mentioned in previous articles, I’ve written a comic. A fabulous artist, H. Davidson, drew the first issue.

Now you can download issue 1, free today only. It’s 25 pages of black-and-white art, plus a full-color cover.

This issue introduces the characters, sets up the story, and demonstrates my writing style and H’s amazing artistic skills. This will let you know if you’ll like the rest of the story.

Now, I wrote and paid for issue 1. Unfortunately, comic art is expensive, so I’m going to have to find a way to pay for the production of issue 2. Kickstarter, probably. I’ll also set a price of $2.99 for this issue starting tomorrow.

If you like what you see, please link to it as widely as possible. I literally can’t afford production on later issues until I see the kinds of numbers that will support it. Here’s your chance to make a big comic story become a reality.

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Red Ax: Who Are Your Characters?

Sep 11 2012 Published by under Red Ax,Writing

This is part of an article series I’m writing about my upcoming comic book, Red Ax.

Writing has always been an act of discovery for me. I devise a scenario, populate it with characters, and add layers of plot and complication.

The characters begin as cocktail party acquaintances. I can slot them into big buckets: the strong and silent type, the quiet and broken type, the brash and greedy type. As I write, they become friends. I learn why they’re silent, broken, or greedy.

Red Ax, page 1 detail, by H. Davidson

Red Ax, page 1 detail, by H. Davidson

A great example of this is the character of Ax. He’s the hero of the story: a muscled blade-for-hire in a cutthroat world. His chosen weapon is his eponymous ax: a large, curved blade on a six-foot pole. A strange weapon for a strange man.

He’s the strong, silent type in more ways than one: he’s mute.

I don’t (yet) know why he’s mute. When the story came to me, my daemon whispered in my ear and told me that Ax had to be mute. So, he is.

That’s a significant obstacle to story clarity, but not a huge one. Because Red Ax is a comic, the reader gets to hear Ax’s thoughts. Plus, Ax carries a slate and chalk with him.

However, those conveniences create other story issues. A character with a lot of inner dialogue tends to sound like a noir detective. My mind immediately leaps to Sam Spade’s sarcasm. Which is not true to Ax.

Which brings us back to the discovery of character. I’m defining Ax partly by what he isn’t. That’s part of my journey. Ax is taking shape: serious, honorable, and straightforward, adhering firmly to a strong ethical code.

As with most ethical people, this gets him into a lot of trouble. But it’s worth the trouble.

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Launching a Comic: Red Ax

Aug 29 2012 Published by under Red Ax,Writing

Many years ago, I had an idea for a comic book, and the idea stuck. It grabbed onto a corner of my mind, whispering ideas, until finally I wrote it down. Within a few days, I’d written a comic book script good for 13double-sidedpages.

It’s weird. It whispered a story about anthromorphic cats in a quasi-medieval, quasi-Arabian, quasi-Asianworld, focusing on a mutesword-for-hireand a slave.

It needed an artist. I didn’t have the skills.

Now what?

Fortune favored me. Through another project, I found H. Davidson.

Red Ax stack

H draws professional-qualityanthro art. She studies anatomy. Her figures have grace and depth. She was exactly what I needed.

So, for the past year, she’s been drawing issue 1 of Red Ax. A month ago, she finished.

Now what?

I need to write the rest of the story. And while in the past I would have posted written jumped right in and just written whatever came to mind, this time I want to get inspired first.

So, what you see to the upper-rightis the stack of books I plan to re-read(or at least skim) as I prepare. As I read, I’ll plan and write and take notes. I hope to finish writing issue 2 by the end of September, at which point I should be able to release issue 1 and talk more firmly about Red Ax‘s future. Meanwhile, I’ll post images from issue 1 throughout September.

Here’s a teaser:

Page 4 detail

Isn’t that awesome?

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