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July 18, 2003

Heh. And here’s something from a really rather interesting article by John C. Dvorak about the appeal and ubiquity of online porn: Here are the top ways to obtain porn on the Internet: 1. Stand Still2. Get an AOL or Hotmail account and look in your e-mail.3. Click on any spam solicitation He makes an interesting point: An article will get more hits if it merely mentions porn in the title. I mean, nobody expects […]

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A few nights ago, I spent a sleepless few hours in bed thinking over my desire to quit my current job and start writing. As I struggled, I came to a decision. At work, the current project will be done in about a month and a half. If I leave now, their documentation will be screwed. I don’t want to do that to the folks here. I could, but I don’t want to. So, I decided that I would work hard to finish the documentation […]

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I’ve had a very interesting life lately. Things are going well; my spiritual life is improving dramatically, I can at least recognize the routine my life is supposed to be in now, in my spare time I do things that I have great joy doing, I have a good job, and though I live in Moria, just outside the door is an absolutely beautiful garden that’s been in full glorious bloom for the past several weeks. I’m […]

Monday, July 14, 2003

A couple nights ago, I finished one of those small pleasures in life that becomes greater as it becomes less frequent: I finished reading a sci-fi novel. Some people read trashy romance novels. Others watch bad kung-fu films. Me, I love actiony sci-fi thrillers. The kind set in an inventive future, where lots of things have changed, and the protagonist is suddenly being pursued by killer robots. Which exactly describes […]

Friday, July 11, 2003

Since I couldn’t go to sleep Tuesday night, I spent some time working on Seeing Things Invisible. I’ve established most of the characters’ personalities, but they’ve had no goals. Characters must have goals to push the plot forward. So, last night, I worked out what each of these characters are striving for. That gives me a good basis for what the characters are going to do next. I also established […]

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Am I the only one receiving a lot more incest spam over the past few weeks? (Hoo boy. That sentence should make my access logs interesting.) In other news, good post, Saalon. I agree in the main with the entire thing. I do want to clarify one point, though, and that is about the fact that Jesus doesn’t talk much about sex. This is true, but he lived in a different […]

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

As mentioned previously, I saw Hulk Sunday night. I liked it a lot. I loved Ang Lee’s direction. There’s a lot of subtle directing in the film, from spacious wide shots to claustrophobic scenes of characters pacing and cogitating. Lee knows exactly what he’s doing and how to get across a particular mood. He’s also inventive with his use of “comic book panels;” the screen will occasionally divide into multiple panels, each […]

July 8, 2003

Hey, is anyone else going to the Third Annual Nigerian EMail Conference? Monday group last night was surprisingly…caustic. At a certain point, the members a group become comfortable with joking with each other. That’s good. We’ve certainly reached that point; we’ll talk smack at each other, and laugh. But last night felt different. We talked a lot of smack, and while we’d still laugh, there was […]

Monday, July 7, 2003

I had an excellent weekend. It was hot, all weekend: in the 90’s and humid. I didn’t mind that on the Fourth of July, because the Fourth is supposed to be hot. You’re supposed to sweat on the Fourth. The fireworks are a relief from the heat of the day. On Friday, I visited some old friends to help them set up their new wireless network. I was satisfied that I was able to help; though we didn’t get it […]

July 4, 2003

Thank you, Saalon, for this entry. I’ve been dealing with exactly the same thing with writing. It’s given me a lot to think about. I think I need to buy a writing notepad, per Saalon’s suggestion. Looking for a copy of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) or Landlock? I’m selling ’em on eBay. Today is an absolutely perfect July 4th. It’s hot but clear, perfect for sitting in a lawn chair with an overcooked […]

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