Saturday, January 22, 2005

Arg, forgot to upload Friday’s entry, which was my penance for forgetting to upload any of the VR story last week. I’m beginning to think I should upload the VR story on a different day, since I’m sure not remembering to post it on Wednesdays.

I sort of relaxed on today. Oh, I did a few chores: laundry, a bit of house cleaning, etc. But mostly I spent the day doing things I enjoy: I cooked a pot of beef stew—an excellent accompaniment to the four inches of snow that fell today—and I watched some anime. I finished the second disc of Paranoia Agent (which started downright creeping me out by the end; while the first disc was more like Millenium Actress, the second is leaning towards Perfect Blue), Zeta Gundam (which is slowly establishing some very interesting characters, including a reticent jock), and Gundam Seed (which was good up to episode 22 and is drop-dead fabulous thereafter).

On Saturday, I also collated my Master Mind Map with a detailed to-do list I’d written a few months ago. The to-do list was an attempt to actually list everything that I want to do, broken down by category and task. After I re-arranged that list around my personal goals and desires, I found I was much more interested in accomplishing it.

So, I extracted everything in the to-do list that referenced a regular, day-of-the-week item (like strength training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and assembled a weekly to-do list. This list contains each day of the next week, and what I want to do on each day.

Then I skimmed the big to-do list for a bunch of one-time things I want to get done, and inserted them into my week based on when I’ll probably have time. I made sure to leave quite a lot of spare time in each day for unexpected things.

So. I look forward to seeing how this works.

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