Saturday, January 29, 2005

I’ve found that an effective way to keep a project on-track is to test it. By “project,” I mean anything from writing a book to implementing a to-do list, as I’m doing.

I had a total of fifty-nine items on my new weekly to-do list this past week (some of them regular chores like laundry, others specific tasks like calling about my DSL service). Of those, I completed thirty-seven, and another seven could not be completed for various reasons (I couldn’t update matrix experiments lain, for example, because we didn’t meet last week so I had nothing to add). That leaves fifteen items that I just didn’t get to.

So here’s what that looks like:

Completed 37 (63%)
Not Completeable 7 (12%)
Incomplete 15 (25%)

Most of the incomplete items are daily tasks, such as practicing Japanese. Thus, I’m assuming that I find it easier to take care of occasional tasks than ones that I have to stare at every single day.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should make those daily tasks slightly less frequent, such as every other day.

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