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16 Feb 07

When I saw Pan’s Labyrinth last weekend, it was preceded by an amazing advertisement. A girl pulls her family’s attention to the Apollo moon launch with a murmured, “Wow.” A basketball player working with kids watches one scrawny Asian kid dribble the ball around him, and the player says, “Wow.” A woman out running looks […]

15 Feb 07

Father Winter grasps us tightly and holds us close. His white hands cover earth, buildings, streets; all things natural and man-made. The only escape is inside our homes, where we hear the wind blow, and we shiver. Which is why I spent an hour chipping away at two inches of solid ice that blocked in […]

14 Feb 07

Blast. I completely forgot to upload the site, and that screwed up the display of the comic. There are problems with generating this stuff manually but also based on dates.

13 Feb 07

I’ve started my new job at Applied Tactics. I’m mostly excited now, though fear still shoots occasional lightning through my veins. I have a solid understanding of the project I’ll be working on—Kidville—and I’ve gained more confidence that I can do it. But I still have doubts. I fear my knowledge of ASP, SQL Server, […]

12 Feb 07

I’ve added a comic to this site. This is the one I’ve been drawing for a few weeks. Oddly, I find myself apologizing for the art quality. And, yes, the art is often poor. But that’s what it is, and at least I completed it. You can also buy a print copy of the comic […]

11 Feb 07

On Thursday I caught a matinee of Pan’s Labyrinth, the new fantasy film by Guillermo Del Toro. The fantasy aspects were perfectly done—surreal and truly fantastic–and the direction was slick as butter. A lovely piece. But boring. I didn’t care for any of the characters, and the plot just plodded along. Besides, I had problems […]

10 Feb 07

For the past few days, I’ve been experimenting. I’ve committed myself to one project, and spending all my spare time on it. I’ve taken breaks, of course, but I’ve kept at it. I wanted to feel that long, unrelenting push to completion. So today, I completed a twenty-two panel, nine-page graphic novel. I sketched the […]

9 Feb 07

From my sixth grade creative writing textbook: Awareness — A creative person notices things that others overlook or are not even interested in. He also tries to see below the surface or the outside appearance of things. Imagination — A creative person is able to look at simple things from different points of view and […]

8 Feb 07

Random self-improvement suggestions: Once a week, cook a big meal that’ll provide enough leftovers to last a few days. Chili, soup, and stew are easy. Explore a unique interest of yours. Exercise three times a week for twenty minutes. When next you shop for groceries, avoid the chips aisle and instead buy cheese, vegetables that […]

7 Feb 07

How to pick out a technical book: Look for pretty covers. Seriously. Attractive covers usually means well-paid cover artists, which often means a quality book. Grab the O’Reilly book on that topic. Grab anything else that catches your eye. Take them all to a table, and open to the middle of the book. Look for […]

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